Applied Agile Analysis has the goal of fostering Agile Business Analysis. This involves going beyond the typical delivery-centric models of most Agile methodologies.

Taking its cue from IIBA’s Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide v2, Applied Agile Analysis applies the Agile Mindset to all 3 Horizons:

  • Strategy – Identifies the products, services, and initiatives to which the organization allocates resources.
  • Initiative – Decisions that impact a particular goal, initiative, or team.
  • Delivery – Decisions made regarding the delivery of the solution.
    • Agile Extension to the BABOK®  Guide – section 3.1

To be Agile, planning will be approached differently across those horizons. After all, Agile began because the signers of The Agile Manifesto recognized projects did not adapt to change. Each recognized that planning was performed in ways that caused inefficiencies to be baked into the project by rigid change processes and plans developed too far in advance of the need.

But why stop at projects? Are those the only places that plans change?

The principles of Inspection and Adaptation can be applied throughout the vision casting and direction setting strata of any organization. Most understand that. But it also can be applied to the operational aspects of an organization.

So, let’s start with a simple question.

Five years ago, when your organization built its “5 Year Plan,” did that plan predict what you are doing as an organization today?

If not, then you have come to the right place. Contact me about Agile Transformation at one of the contact options on this page.