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Techniques: Kano Analysis

When looking to develop a marketable product, one of the first questions should be how to determine features that will distinguish the product from others. Kano Analysis is how those market movers are found.

Techniques: Product Roadmap

The Product Roadmap shows the direction of the product and how the product is intended to grow. It demonstrates alignment to needs and a plan to deliver over time. The Product Roadmap is built around the vision for a solution, it outlines how the vision will be achieved and is defines how to measure progress. … Continue reading Techniques: Product Roadmap

Technique: Portfolio Kanban

Portfolio Kanban is a vital tool for the strategy level because it allows decision-makers to have a visual understanding of all initiatives in the organization.  The information displayed can illuminate any bottlenecks and allow for decisions to re-allocate resources. 

Techniques: Minimal Viable Product

Many people are confused about Minimal Viable Product. In MVP, it isn’t that non MVP features will never get done.  Just that the MVP features will come first. In other words, it avoids waste by giving priority to what is necessary.

Techniques: Visioning

Techniques: Visioning

Visioning is used to determine the desired outcome for an initiative worded in a concise and approachable manner.Agile Extension to the BABOK®  Guide – section 7.24 When Patriots coach Bill Belichek meets with his team to begin practices, I would imagine that the first thing he says is something like “Our goal for this season … Continue reading Techniques: Visioning

Three Factors in Choosing the Best Technique

Three Factors in Choosing the Best Technique

In Agile, many techniques can be used to improve different aspects of the processes. Many of them may on the surface appear to be similar in purpose. But when you look closer, there may be a distinction that favors one over another for specific situations. So, how do we determine which technique is appropriate to … Continue reading Three Factors in Choosing the Best Technique

Goals of Agile Analysis at the Delivery Horizon

Coming into Delivery, the Strategy has identified a need to be met, and the Initiative Horizon has identified a solution and its features. When working as an Analyst in the Delivery horizon, the key is to expend the least effort to discover information and support informed decisions about the solution. I’m sure you realize it … Continue reading Goals of Agile Analysis at the Delivery Horizon

Goals of Agile Analysis at the Initiative Horizon

From the Strategy Horizon, we understand the overall purpose of an initiative and its intended impact. But there is a lot that remains undetermined at this point. The initiative may have the organization's backing, but that doesn't define exactly how it will work, what resources are involved, or how much it will cost. The role … Continue reading Goals of Agile Analysis at the Initiative Horizon